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In order to engage the young audience for CNN Discover Snapchat, we believe that the design should be modern, fresh, and relevant. Our team organized the conception and execution of compelling daily editions of CNN Discover Snapchat with animated illustrations and live audio.
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With a successful run of over $1M in seed and product crowdfunding, Skulpt needed to communicate their fitness revolutionizing product to a market flooded with innovative information.


│Goal: Introduce a new product, Skulpt. Reach projected sales goals to gain an advantage for Series A funding . │ With a product packed with benefits for the consumer, it's difficult to engage a new user when there's so much more concerning his thoughts. By relating the benefits of the app through specific user journeys, we believe we can cut through the technogical specifics and focus on the life-changing benefits Skulpt brings to the fitness community.


│Result: Successful product launch in +1,900 Best Buy stores. Raised funding from $1M to $8.01M│ In order to engage the large community of those interested in physical improvement, we created a Best Buy kiosk campaign highlighting the benefits Skuplt can bring to its users. Through a series of live action shoots and motion graphics developed to communicate the applications capabilities, we helped Skuplt successfully launch nationwide.


Content Strategy, Video Production & Animation


Producer: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners│ Creative Director: Chriselle Manabat│ Director of Photography: Dakota Adney│ Assets Manager: Chris Baker│ Video Director: Andrew Butte│ Motion Designer: Nathan Dwarika│ Project Coordinator: Hanson Djoube│ Cinematography: Dakota Adney│Video Editor: Gavin Ng│