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In order to engage the young audience for CNN Discover Snapchat, we believe that the design should be modern, fresh, and relevant. Our team organized the conception and execution of compelling daily editions of CNN Discover Snapchat with animated illustrations and live audio.
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Actev Motors


With more childhood activities taking place indoors, concerned parents and doctors are interested in a safe, engaging alternative. Actev motors introduces the Arrow Smart Kart which seeks to provide an innovative solution through its collision prevention, speed monitoring, & geofencing technology.


│Goal: Increase brand awareness. │ With a number of technological features possible it can be challenging to not lose the average viewer in what's known as "information overload". By focusing on specific uses that highlight functionality, we can leave the viewer with begging to learn more, rather feeling lectured.


│Result: Exceeded Sales projections.│ Through a commercial-spot highlighting the user journey of a 3-person family in a West Hollywood neighborhood, we aimed to touch on the immediate benefits, and long-term security the Arrow Smart Kart provides.


Discovery, Content Strategy, Video Production & Animation


Producer: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners│ Creative Director: Chriselle Manabat│ Director of Photography: Dakota Adney│ Assets Manager: Chris Baker│ Video Director: Andrew Butte│ Motion Designer: Nathan Dwarika│ Project Coordinator: Hanson Djoube│ Cinematography: Dakota Adney│Video Editor: Gavin Ng│